Engineering and Consulting Services

ITB has been successfully providing its customers with wide range of relevant engineering services mainly concerns the following field. In engineering (Basic and Detailed) phase, our hardware and software teams, will provide very accurate and precise drawings and document in much closed relation with client’s technical team. ITP’s personnel are proficient in performing all aspects of engineering, from planning to detail design our experience in running several projects, enables us to insure our clients to have the right estimation of budget.

In addition to the engineering services, ITB Co, also provides its customers with installation, commissioning and after sale service as well as consulting services. ITB consulting services mainly concerns with electrical, control, instrumentation and process aspects of projects.

Installation Services

We are equipped with the right tools and technical engineers to handle electrical, instrumentation, control and process projects of all sizes. We provide high quality construction at competitive prices and can adjust our services to meet your specifications.

Commissioning and start up

Our commissioning & start-up Services are performed by degreed and factory-trained technicians and engineers. Prime Controls maintains a professional growth program which encourages our people to continually enhance their technical skills via ISA certification, factory training and continued education. All work is performed and documented via our in-house “QA/QC” process which incorporates industry-accepted ISA standards (calibration, loop check, system commissioning, etc). Your specific requirements are incorporated as needed.

Operation and Maintenance

Our technical support engineers are standing by 24/7 to answer various requests from customers. ITB Co, also offers a variety of services that enables quick and effective restoration of your system. Engineer Dispatch Service On-site troubleshooting support from a Customer Service Engineer Bench Repair Service Defective modules can be send to ITB for repairs. The user instructs ITB on whether to repair or replace the item. Parts Management ITB will stock and manage a list of critical spare parts of different control system agreed to beforehand which will be made available to the customer. Maintenance and Operation of process site.


ITB’s training service serves to motivate employees of customer organizations to upgrade their skills and thereby maximize the utilization of system assets. We are committed to providing our customers the support they need with strategic human resources training and development programs. Specialists in ITB’s training department are qualified in providing courses for train specialists, operators, engineers and management personnel .